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Fidelity and appreciation from the best companies in the automotive industry. In all modesty, we believe that the best way to manifest the added value of our product and services is to publish candid interviews with some of our clients.


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In 2015 we celebrate our 20th Anniversary (1995-2015).
In these last twenty years, AR FILTRAZIONI has worked with leading brands: 1 Brembo 2 Bosch 3 Ferrari.
“We have learned so much from all of them, and we give them our heartfelt thanks. The commitment to innovating and developing an ever better, more complete and effective product has guided our steps from the beginning.”

"These filtration systems," says Bottazzi Director of Operations for the Brembo Moto Business Unit "have demonstrated their effectiveness in extracting oily mist: one need only consider that the environmental assays we run periodically in our factory have confirmed that the concentration of oily mist, even close to the filtered air return points, is always less than 0.05 mg/m3: an excellent result when you consider that the legal limit is 5 mg/m3."




This is the strength of AR FILTRAZIONI, which has enabled us to overcome the world recession in the most satisfactory manner, making us the number one Italian manufacturer in terms of unit sales, while complying with the most stringent environmental health and safety regulations, both inside and outside the workshop:

  • EN 1822 filtration efficiency up to 99.995% for particles >15µ
  • IEC 60034 IE2 motors (high efficiency) IE3 motors (premium efficiency)
  • Class fire resistance DIN 53430 Norms

The product and service quality, already become a primary demand from the customers side, situates our company in a mid-high sized technical point (as felt value). It underlines the concept of “The supplier as partner”. Business men and production manager, absorbed by a lot of problems, are looking for a supplier as partner always more often, who contributes to the solutions.

“Converting machine tools into ecological and non-polluting ones - The complete customer satisfaction” is a precise intention. It may appear an easy goal, but actually complex because of the numerous intrinsic factors; AR FILTRAZIONI can make a radical solution.


OMZ Arno torni DMG


The President of AR FILTRAZIONI Angelo Riceputi, says: "Our clients do not consider us mere mist collectors salesmen; they're expecting a full solution of their air filtration and purification problems from us. Our clients delegate their problems to us and expect a complete, keyturn solution from us in return. And that's what we give them". As Marina Zanotti, proprietor of OMZ, says: "As a client of AR FILTRAZIONI, I can only agree with this. I want to add that AR serves, advises and assists us with level of courtesy and commitment that is very rare nowadays. We feel taken care of by them - they really have become our partners by now".


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Franco Chiozzi, production director for CDS– Cam Driven Systems, a division of Bettinelli F.lli S.p.A., has the following to say:
"We strongly believe in the quality of the workplace, the wellbeing of our employees and the cleanliness of our plant; for instance, we have fully air conditioned departments, all conditions which contribute to the fabrication of high quality products."

From this point of view," says Chiozzi, "optimising our air purification systems in the workshop is an essential part of our production and workplace. We have attempted to resolve the problems associated with extractors and air purification systems of the conventional centrifugal and electrostatic types, which often malfunctioned, causing downtime and long service times, by surveying what the market has to offer for our specific requirements. In the end, we turned to AR FILTRAZIONI, and tested their NEW product concept to extend our collaboration with them. We started," says Chiozzi, " by installing some equipment in some of our departments and monitoring the results, aided by third party emissions controls. Arno - Bettinelli spa The very positive outcome of these initial tests convinced us to extend the coverage of these systems to all thirty of our machine tools; the most recent bbring the production department with its grinding machinery. AR FILTRAZIONI proved to be totally committed to the process, from dismantling the old system to installing the new purifiers and running final testing, so that we were able to renew the entire workplace which, up until then, had presented innumerable problems, especially during the summer. Air conditioning during the summer requires very high performance purification equipment. AR FILTRAZIONI was able to offer not just a high quality product, but a complete service which is both efficient and effective, and which took over all responsibility for our purification and air quality problems. In other words, we outsourced the health of our production departments to them, with a partnership which has given us a workplace which is clean and has fresh, breathable air. We are currently using around thirty of their machines, without considering the global control and maintenance service which allows us to keep them running efficiently and saves us a considerable amount of energy".


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