Since the very beginning AR Filtrazioni focused and specialized on the cleaning of the air and on the pollution problems in the sector of metal construction. The experience and the technical preparations are fundamental features of the technical department of AR Filtrazioni and helped the company to remain in a leanding position on the market.

Angelo Riceputi President of AR Filtrazioni confirms:
“ The Clients call us in order to resolve a problem and thet is what we do.”


AR FILTRAZIONI counts on 35 Punti Sales/Assistence in Europa and overseas territoy

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InstallatoriFotograph taken in company Gildemeister Italiana s.p.a (Bergamo)


Easy maintenance!

The company provides all the units with an installation kit with an installation manual, in order to allow the customer to install the air cleaner without problems in any part of the world. In alternative AR FILTRAZIONI offers a key solution. Available languages: English, German, Czech, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish.  

How do you install an air cleaner?

As you can see on the 3 photographs,

there are 3 solutions of applications to install the air cleaner:ARNO su macchina 

1. On a support plant H 2000 MM to fix on the floor;

2. On top of the machine tool with a drawing support; thanks to the close collaboration with a lot of machine tool builders, who send the specifications of their machines. Our technicans also carry out a site visit band take measurements of the machines to realize a special support.

3. On a trolley if the customer needs a FLEXIBLE solution and multi-purpose for several machine tools which do not work at the same time.

AR FILTRAZIONI recomments always the solution on the support plant to fix on the floor, because of the safety Rules and the indipendence of the machine tool.installazioni

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Fast Maintenance!

The company sends all of the units with a maintenance manual, which allows our customers to do the maintenance without problems all over the world. 


How Frequently has the maintenance to be done?

Once in 12/18 Months

On average the maintenance has to be done one time a year, according to the Safety and Health Norms. with 60% of filters self-cleaning/regenerable, and maintenance on average 1 time a year, regulated by the device to monitor filter conditions.

We like to say that you will forget about the maintenance!

(To guarantee the official performances of the air cleaners, use always original spare parts of AR FILTRAZIONI).

How do I know if the filters are saturated and have to be maintained?

The units are equipped with a device to monitor the filter conditions, which controls constantly the efficiency of the filters. THE AVERAGE MAINTENANCE TIMES ARE THE OUTCOME OF STATISTICS RESULTING FROM THE THOUSANDS OF SYSTEMS MAINTAINED BY AR FILTRAZIONI EVERY YEAR AT THEIR CLIENTS.

The maintenance is very easy, once a year and it is controlled by a device to monitor filter conditions.   Manometro ARNO AR Filtrazioni has technicians who assist the clients in whole Europe.
For the production sector time means money (the lost seconds during the metal working production of a CNC machine, cause a reduction of the number of pieces and therfore a loss of profit). Maintenance and it's average is the competitive advantage of AR FILTRAZIONI plants in comparison to the competitors.   A GOOD PRODUCT HAS TO BE ACCOMPANIED BY A GOOD SERVICE BEFORE AND AFTER THE SALE.

Service is fundamental! 

About a good service... a costumer of us speak about it

(translated from the article di MACCHINE UTENSILI)


Mrs. Marina Zanotti general manager and co-owner of OMZ SpA and Angelo Riceputi, owner of AR Filtrazioni.

Managing the filtration It is now evident that air filtration is a problem of great importance and that, with regard to high-productivity modern machine tools for chip removal, it is not a collateral problem but rather a vital aspect related to their use. After all, the most recent norms on health and safety at work impose narrow limits of pollutants present in the air of working environments. Beyond the norms (that must obviously be respected), there is also a precise attitude of the personnel that, in various and not any longer rare cases, protests strongly and turns against when the environmental conditions are not according to the law. It is therefore proper that the managers of the machine shops, but also the machine tool manufacturers, should learn to consider the air filter not only as optional auxiliary equipment but rather like a vital element of the machines and their management. From this point of view, OMZ is an exemplary case: each machine tool has its own air cleaner and the frequent inspections, carried out by the several bodies in charge of these problems, regularly point out pollution level below the levels of detectability. But the company based in Crema has done better and more – they have entrusted to AR Filtrazioni the whole “management” of the units. All the air cleaners installed in their workshop (tens of machines) are equipped with a gauge to monitor the filter conditions and are subject to a maintenance program and control taken care of by AR Filtrazioni. This way they receive automatically all the necessary care. Angelo Riceputi, owner of AR Filtrazioni, says: “This way OMZ does not have to worry about the air cleaners – we take care of them directly and are also responsible for them. We organize the calendar of the maintenance operations and of the management of the fleet of machines, so that we can always supervise the situation. AR Filtrazioni manages directly the maintenance of more than a thousand of plants working in a wide variety of different conditions. We assist all of them. Though considerable, this commitment is at the core of our success and of our ever-growing will of innovation. A happy customer is the best satisfaction.”

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Centralization is an unique solution? Absolutely no!

We will speak about all the advantages of a filtration at the source and the weak points of a centralized system.

The clear example of our customer LONATI S.P.A LONATI NEEDED A PLANT TO HOLD THE FUME, WHO MADE ANY MACHINE TOOL COMPLETELY INDIPENDENT From centralization to the hold the fume at the source  The cooperation starts with AR FILTRAZIONI, with the installation of a pilot plant on a more recently machining center. “After a yearly test – underlines Angelo Riceputi of AR Filtrazioni – with Lonati we decided to equip every machine tool with an air cleaner, taking care to optimize them on the basis of the characteristics of the single machine and the metal working (for example the aluminum metal working emits more fume.) We utilized a modular combined filtration system for a longer life of the last stage of EPA filter. Impianto AR Filtrazione presso Lonato Some machines are equipped with a high performances pre-filtration system, with the centrifugal condensed technology, applied by AR Filtrazioni.” With the installation of the first 47 AR Filtrazioni air cleaners, the machine work shop was disconnected from the centralized plant, avoiding the worry of downtime in case of dysfunction of the centralized system. “Now if there is a problem on a filtration system it’s enough to sign off the involved machine – underlines Pasotti -, but the production can go ahead. Furthermore, the maintenance of the AR Filtrazioni plants is very easy and speedy. Significant quantity and quality of the recovered oil; “Every single air cleaner recovers the oil, conveying it immediately to the machine tool, avoiding contamination with another types of oil. In this way we reduced of 15% our oil consumption and increased the efficiency and quality of our metal working.” Big vantages in the work environment; without all the pipes of the centralization system the workshop is lighter, thanks to the pace to install a new led lighting,  with the compliments of the labor union. “ The smell of oil is vanished – explains the environment responsible of Lonati  - I didn’t image to reach this result.” Furthermore, without a centralized system connecting air outside, we  made a considerable contribution in reducing energy consumption. “ With the installation of air cleaners at the source on single machine we avoid the risk of fire propagation. Moreover we are utilizing rubber pipes between the machining centers and the filtration unit; in this way, in case of fire, the flame cannot arrive to the air cleaner.” Concerning the maintenance, very satisfy result achieved. AR Filtrazioni is responsible for maintenance and installation and “ As mutually agreed with Lonati – explain AR Filtrazioni engineers – we agreed to control the spare parts condition every 6 months because their duration depends of the metal working and we change them only when necessary. We issue a certificate with the detail of each plant and maintenance date, as the rules of Lombardy Region impose. Thanks to our analysis, in Lonati we replace the spare parts of the ordinary maintenance every eighteen months, excluded some very heavy metal working.” A gauge to monitor filter condition installed on the air cleaner signals to the operator the saturation level of the spare parts. “The needle on the green side means “Optimal function”, the needle on the yellow side signals the necessity to stock the spare parts and the needle on the red side “Obstruction”. “This gauge to monitor filter conditions – explains Pasotti – leads an unexpected advantage: the operator can control directly the plant and feels involved and motivated to take care to monitoring”.

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