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ARNO series

Password: High Production - 3 Shifts - Modular - Robust - Efficient - Maintenance All 12/18 Months

Suitable for the aspiration, re-condensation and purification of oil mist and dust generated during dry and humid machining processing. 

Serie ARNO

2000 was an important year for AR FILTRAZIONI, which set itself a...

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ECO series

Password: Compact - Low Cost - Eco-Friendly - Efficient - Targeted


A quality solution with a small size and price. This high quality, new generation COMPACT series by AR FILTRAZIONI is affordable and eco-friendly - and proud to be “Made in Italy”. Our testing has given excellent results...

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ARPX series

Password: Versatile – Robust – Multifunctional

Depuratore ARPX per Micro Polveri in funzioneAir cleaner ARPX for micro dust in action

The first purifier designed and manufactured by AR FILTRAZIONI, aimed at satisfying the requirements of the market in terms of robust construction and ease of maintenance, to stand out from the competition it...

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ARF series

Password: Multifunctional - Compact

Air cleaner of micro-dust and fumes in working environment

PAG.5 - NR.23 - ARF The ARF series is suited to extracting and purifying micro-dust and fumes generated in dry and wet machining applications.

The extracted air passes through a metallic and then a synthetic filter, which retain the...

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