According to the pollutant | AR Filtrazioni

According to the pollutant

  • Esalazioni, odori, fumi

    Fumes - micro-dust - odours

    Air cleaners for fumes, exhalations and odours.

  • Fumi nebbie oleose olio

    Oil mist: emulsified oil/ straight oil

    Air cleaners for the recondensation of oil mist generated during machining processing of machine tools. 

  • Polveri lavorazioni a secco

    Dry dust

    Air cleaners for dust filtration generated by dry working (non-flammable and non-explosive, especially graphite).

  • Polveri materiali pericolosi

    Dangerous materials

    Air cleaners for the re-condensation and purification of dust generated during machining processing of dangerous, inflamable or explosive material (magnesium, titanium and aluminium).

  • Dust of precious materials

    Air cleaners for dust filtration generated by the processing of precious materials.