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Depuratori da fumi per saldatrici Depuratori da fumi per saldatrici
  • ARNO series

    ARNO series

    Password: High Production - 3 Shifts - Modular - Robust - Efficient - Maintenance All 12/18 Months Suitable for the…

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  • ARPX series

    ARPX series

    Password: Versatile – Robust – Multifunctional Air cleaner ARPX for micro dust in action The first purifier designed and manufactured by AR FILTRAZIONI, aimed at…

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  • ARF series

    ARF series

    Password: Multifunctional - Compact Air cleaner of micro-dust and fumes in working environment The ARF series is suited to extracting and…

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  • ARIS series

    ARIS series

    AIR CLEANER FOR DRY OR HUMID PROCESSING, TYPICAL FOR THE MECHANICAL INDUSTRY. Password: Large Installations - Semi - Centralisation The world of…

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